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What is OSCC?

The Open Source Car Control project (OSCC) is a completely open source by-wire control kit for autonomous vehicle development. It enables engineers to build their own self-driving development vehicle using existing by-wire technologies on the 2014-or-later Kia Soul. We’ve launched the project on GitHub, and it can be integrated into a new or used vehicle for less than $1,000.

Why do it?

The Open Source Car Control (OSCC) project was created to give everyone the opportunity to build their own development autonomous vehicle. Other by-wire vehicle platforms (components + vehicle) can cost upwards of $140,000, and are “black boxed,” preventing further investigation and innovation into autonomy. We figured out a way to offer a more affordable, open-source option to the public. By using tools and parts common across robotics and automotive, you can use our kits combined with the software of your choice, to build a self-driving car for under $10,000.

To get involved or read a more in-depth version of the project feel free to check out the OSCC website and GitHub.