MATLAB & Simulink Toolbox

This article was written for version 2.3.1 of Core. Click here for the most recent version of the help center.

The toolbox for MATLAB gives you direct, real-time access to the PolySync Core bus from MATLAB and Simulink with just two lines of code. Publish and subscribe to messages using either MATLAB code or Simulink blocks and instantly deploy your application to a standalone executable using the MATLAB Embedded Coder.

This integration is currently available only upon request. Contact for access to the the PolySync Core toolbox for MATLAB.

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1. MATLAB features

  • Publish and subscribe to data from the bus in real-time
    • Replay data on the bench, or run MATLAB applications on the vehicle
  • No C or C++ PolySync Core code required
  • Access all PolySync Core data model constants, enumerations, and structures through the MATLAB API

MATLAB and Studio

  • Publisher and subscriber blocks with support for all message types that ship with the Core data model
  • Sleep and timestamp convenience blocks
  • Generate C code to control the vehicle or perceive the environment
  • Coming soon: video decoder support


3. Access the toolbox

Contact to obtain a download link for the PolySync Core Toolbox.

3.1 Installing the toolbox

  1. Download the PolySync_v1.X.X.XXX_R2017a.mltbx file
  2. Start MATLAB R2017a
  3. Navigate to the mltbx file in the MATLAB file browser and double click the file
  4. Accept the license agreement to install the toolbox

The toolbox is now installed, including all documentation and example resources.

3.2 Documentation

Access the supporting documentation through the built-in MATLAB help module Help button.

MATLAB Help Button

Select PolySync in the Supplemental Software section.

PolySync Toolbox Supporting Documentation

3.3 Examples

Open the toolbox documentation to see a table of the available examples provided with the toolbox.