Supported Sensor Values

This article was written for version 2.3.1 of Core. Click here for the most recent version of the help center.

Dynamic Driver interfaces associate a static value with each supported hardware device and sensor.

The ps_sensor_kind values can be used to filter incoming messages that originate from specific sensors in a PolySync Core message callback (C API) or message event (C++ API).

Dynamic Driver Interface Name ps_sensor_kind Value Description
xsens-mt 60 XSens MT IMU/GPS Interface
velodyne-hdl32e 70 Velodyne HDL32E Interface
velodyne-vlp16 75 Velodyne VLP16 Interface
continental-ars 80 Continental ARS Radar Interface
autoliv-mmr-77ghz 90 Autoliv MMR 77GHz Radar Interface
autoliv-srr-c6 100 Autoliv SRR C6 Radar Interface
delphi-srr-left 110 Delphi SRR Left Radar Interface
delphi-srr-right 120 Delphi SRR Right Radar Interface
delphi-esr-2.5 130 Delphi ESR 2.5 Radar Interface
delphi-esr-9.21.21 131 Delphi ESR 9.21.21 Radar Interface
delphi-rsds-left 140 Delphi RSDS Left Radar Interface
delphi-rsds-right 150 Delphi RSDS Right Radar Interface
ibeo-fusion-ecu 160 Ibeo LUX Fusion ECU
mobileye-560 170 MobilEye 560 Interface
video-device 180 Generic Video Device Interface
leddar-m16 190 Leddar M16 Interface
ibeo-lux-hd 200 ibeo LUX HD Interface
ibeo-lux-4L 210 ibeo Lux 4L Interface
ibeo-scala 220 ibeo ScaLa Interface
pointgrey-gige 230 PointGrey GigE Interface
dataspeed-mkz 300 DataSpeed MKZ Interface
sync-trigger-usb 310 Sync Trigger USB Interface
oxts-rt 320 OxTS RT Interface
model-s-can-reader 330 Tesla Model S CAN Reader Interface
sainsmart-usb 340 SainSmart 16 Channel USB Controller Interface
neobotix-usboard 350 Neobotix USBoard Ultrasonics Interface
phidget-spacial 360 PhidgetSpatial Accelerometer
obd-generic 370 OBD-II Interface
novatel-oem6 380 Novatel OEM6 Framework Interface
low-control 390 Low Level Vehicle Controller Interface for a Kia Soul
swiftnav-piksi-multi 431 SwiftNav Piksi Multi Interface
vectornav-vn300 450 VectorNav VN-300 GNSS/INS Sensor Interface
core-oscc-interface 460 PolySync Core Driver for OSCC