Add Binary Node

This article was written for version 2.3.1 of Core. Click here for the most recent version of the help center.

A binary node is a PolySync Core application which does not connect to a physical hardware device or sensor. A binary node is added to the SDF for convenience, so that when the PolySync Core manager starts nodes in the hardware or replay states, the binary nodes start too.

To add a binary node to the PolySync Core SDF, open the SDF Configurator.

$ polysync-core-sdf-configurator

Select the host tab, and select in the bottom left corner of the SDF Configurator.

Binary Node

Select the path to the executable file, and add any command line arguments that are needed.

Binary Node

The binary node is added to the list of defined nodes for this host on the left sidebar. All changes made in the SDF Configurator are saved automatically.

Binary Node

Once the node is defined, run either of the two commands below. All enabled nodes will be started by the PolySync Core Manager.

Starting nodes

Now that the SDF node(s) are defined, they can be started individually, or you can start the full runtime by starting sensor and hardware nodes, or replaying a logfile session.