Parse the Sensor Identifier

This article was written for version 2.3.1 of Core. Click here for the most recent version of the help center.

Some of the sensors supported by PolySync Core have a unique sensor identifier that the Core driver must use to validate sensor data, or identify specific hardware when mutliple sensors are connected to the same ECU.

Not all sensors require a sensor identifier, sensors that do document the requirements in the sensor article.

Find the SDF node ID

The node should already be defined in the Configurator from following a supported sensor article.

Find the node ID, to be able to start the driver on the command line.

Start the dynamic driver

Pass the -g flag to the dynamic driver along with the node ID.

$ polysync-core-dynamic-driver -n 1 -g

The information is written to both the terminal and the polysync.log.

Expected output:

$ polysync-core-dynamic-driver -n 1 -g
INFO : <node-interface-name> : waiting for device to respond
INFO : <node-interface-name> : found device with ID: 0x1665A0 (1467808)

Update the Configurator

Update the node entry in the Configurator with the sensor identifier. The parameter name is Sensor 0 Identifier, and it’s located in the Sensor Configuration table.