Release Notes

Core 2.2.0


  • Added headless support for of the following Tier 2 architectures
    • NVIDIA DRIVE PX2 - Vivid
    • arm64 - Xenial
    • Raspberry Pi 2 - Jessie
    • armhf - Xenail
    • NanoPi M3 - Xenial

Fixes and Updates

  • Drivers: Fixed an issue where the Point Grey driver did not set the shutter mode to auto
  • Studio: Fixed lost functionality of right-click in the 3D View plugin to set the view perspective
  • Drivers: Fixed the video device and Point Grey drivers to display the pixel format type as a human readable string
  • Drivers: Fixed a compatibility issue with linuxcan and kernel versions >=4.8
  • SDF Configurator and System Hierarchy: Fixed an issue that allowed modification of read-only values
  • Studio: Fixed an issue that caused some Studio windows to shake while reporting warning messages and resizing
  • Studio: Fixed multiple issues that caused errors on log import process
  • Studio: Changed keyboard mapping so Studio pauses replay on spacebar instead of escape key
  • Studio: Fixed an issue where log session replay is not responsive and not presenting errors

Known Issues

  • Drivers: Dynamic driver nodes will sometimes report “failed to wait for clock tick condition” during replay
    • Recovery steps: Restart the runtime environment by placing all nodes in ‘Standby’ state in Studio, then select the desired logfile session for playback
  • Studio: The application may crash on startup after upgrading from releases after and including 2.0.8-pr.8
    • Removing the $PSYNC_USER_HOME/Studio.ini cache file always allows you to open Studio
  • Studio: The record module does not detect dynamic driver nodes in ‘Hardware’ state that are started manually on the command line, preventing you from recording a logfile session
    • Use Studio to start nodes in the Hardware state to work around this issue
  • Studio: The System State observes a system error on startup
    • Clicking the ‘Standby’ button clears the observed error
  • Studio: Clicking the Video plugin “Flip image” flag results in an image mirrored across both the X and Y axis
  • Studio: The replay module does not represent the runtime replay state on distributed hosts, however replay is not affected