PolySync Messages

This article was written for version 2.0.9 of Core. Click here for the most recent version of the help center.


Data moves through a PolySync runtime by an application publishing and subscribing messages to the PolySync bus.

PolySync has defined a set of common messages seen on an autonomous vehicle system.

New messages can be created, and existing messages can be extended to facilitate any kind of data.

Please see the article on data model generation for an example.

Existing messages in the data model

Message Name Data Model Module
ps_diagnostic_trace_msg Core
ps_byte_array_msg Core
ps_can_frame_msg Core
ps_event_msg Core
ps_parameters_msg Core
ps_rnr_msg Core
ps_sdf_state_msg Core
ps_rnr_sessions_msg Core
ps_file_transfer_msg Core
ps_file_transfer_ext_msg Core
ps_file_msg Core
ps_file_ext_msg Core
ps_command_msg Core
ps_response_msg Core
ps_manager_status_msg Core
ps_platform_control_msg Control
ps_platform_brake_command_msg Control
ps_platform_brake_report_msg Control
ps_platform_throttle_command_msg Control
ps_platform_throttle_report_msg Control
ps_platform_steering_report_msg Control
ps_platform_grear_command_msg Control
ps_platform_gear_report_msg Control
ps_platform_turn_signal_command_msg Control
ps_platform_cabin_report_msg Control
ps_platform_suspension_report_msg Control
ps_platform_tire_pressure_report_msg Control
ps_platform_wheel_speed_report_msg Control
ps_image_data_msg Sensor
ps_platform_motion_msg Sensor
ps_imu_msg Sensor
ps_gps_msg Sensor
ps_radar_targets_msg Sensor
ps_lidar_points_msg Sensor
ps_objects_msg Sensor
ps_lane_model_msg Sensor
ps_traffic_sign_msg Sensor
ps_gps_accuracy_msg Sensor
ps_imu_accuracy_msg Sensor
ps_platform_obd_msg Sensor