Release Notes

Core 2.1.1


  • Added support for the following architectures
    • x86_64 Ubuntu 14.04
  • Added driver support for the Swift Nav Piksi™ Multi RTK GNSS sensor
  • Easily open and modify any SDF on the system, without having to manually copy files
    • The Configurator still defaults to opening the system SDF, but can also open any SDF on the file system, and save the the current configuration as a new SDF


  • Configurator
    • Fixed an issue where modifying parameter values while background operations were under way would cause Configurator to crash
    • Fixed an issue where tables, lists, and slider values could be inadvertently changed when the user scrolled with a scroll-wheel
    • Fixed an issue where the splash screen persisted when the host setup wizard was spawned
    • Fixed an issue related to binary nodes and the command line argument string causing the manager to crash when querying the SDF
  • Revised build instructions for the example QtImageViewer in the
  • Studio’s Video plugin supports all pixel formats supported by the source video device, and printed with the command:
    • polysync-dynamic-driver -n <node ID #> -g
  • Fixed issue where the pdm-gen tool’s native type handling did not have full OMG IDL type support


  • Logfile Session 1000 was moved to the download center, and does not ship with the PolySync release package

Known Issues:

  • Dynamic driver node nondeterministically reports “failed to wait for clock tick condition” during replay
    • You must restart the runtime environment by placing all nodes in ‘Standby’ mode, and selecting the logfile session for playback to recover from this issue
  • The Studio record module does not detect dynamic driver nodes in hardware mode that are started manually on the command line, preventing you from recording a logfile session
    • Use Studio to start nodes in hardware mode to workaround this issue
  • The Studio logfile manager may create a logfile session entry after a failed import attempt
  • The Studio logfile manager may report the logfile session size of ‘0B’ after importing a logfile session
    • Restarting the application fixes the improper size reporting
  • Studio’s system state observes a system error on startup
    • Clicking the ‘Standby’ button clears the observed error
  • Clicking the Video plugin “Flip image” flag results in an image mirrored across both the X and Y axis
  • Studio’s replay module does not represent the runtime replay state on distributed hosts, however replay is not affected