Release Notes

Core 2.0.4-pr.4

Note: Do not install PolySync as root. Simply follow the installation guide. The installer will request root-level password as needed.


  • The Debug console displays errors, warnings and other PolySync log messages within Studio
    • Quickly filter for messages of interest, and avoid that extra terminal window!
  • The newest example application Echo allows you to quickly print, filter and log CSV data from the command line, neat!
  • Self-managed and cloud floating license servers for your Autonomy / ADAS / HMI development teams
    • Floating license server allows you to manage a pool of PolySync licences on a local server


  • Fixed a bug causing logfile replay issues with sessions recorded in sequence
  • Studio was being rude and sometimes consuming all the processing time of a single CPU. Studio apologizes.
  • Fixed a bug within the Replay module when a logfile session that’s already playing is reselected
  • Fixed a bug within the C++ API that prevented applications from printing messages to stdout
  • Fixed a bug that disallowed double types to accept negative values in the SDF Configurator
  • Fixed a bug to allow C++ record and replay examples to compile


  • The C++ application node abstraction hides a lot of the nitty-gritty details and provides a clean interface to the PolySync bus
  • Core logging utility migrated to use a central, configurable logging system
    • Applications log to the PSYNC_HOME/polysync.log file for all error, warn, info and debug messages
    • Default configuration does not log to the Linux syslog
  • Studio backend refactored to use the updated application node
    • Enforce applications to maintain a single instance of polysync::node
  • Ibeo ScaLa interface visualization updates
    • ScaLa reports two messages, one per mirror side
    • We added parameters to allow publishing of one or both mirror sides, and a basic stitching parameter to combine mirror sides

Known Issues

We’re aware of a memory leak within DDS that affects systems looping logfiles larger than 75GB