Release Notes

Core 2.0.3-pr.3

Note: Do not install PolySync as root. Simply follow the installation guide. The installer will request root-level password as needed.


  • New custom data model and logfile API examples
  • Excellent new lane model visualization in the Studio World 3D plugin
  • Export logfile data quickly into custom formats or applications
    • Logfile for-each iterator processes logfiles outside the PolySync time-domain
  • Logfile record sessions now have a duration indicator
  • Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) module added to the default data model
    • This flexible module allows you to add custom DTCs to your PolySync applications
  • Point Grey GigE interface now allows you to set the operation mode
  • Snazzy new splash screens and desktop icons for PolySync Studio and SDF Configurator
  • SDF Configurator node entries link directly to Supported Sensors page
  • Activation is now handled in the GUI installer. Simply enter your Activation ID when prompted and we’ll take care of the rest. If you have an existing license, the installer will download it for you automagically. High five.


  • Destroyed an issue where World 3D plugin (while drawing objects) would cause Studio to crash
  • Zapped a memory leak by fixing our read thread mechanism for copying dynamic terminal types within the Logfile API
  • Fixed time alignment issues with overlayed data in the Video plugin
  • Improved seek logic for replay operations within the logfile API
  • C++ vectors can now be set to empty or size 0
  • Fixed an issue where the reference count for nodes recording logfile data was not reporting accurately.
  • Added a missing delimiter to the C++ parameter get/set object
  • Annihilated an issue where CAN devices would hang while they parsed the sensor identifier
  • Schooled polysync::Message::print to accept std::ostream argument
  • Destroyed a null string bug in SDF API
  • Buried an issue where the Host tab name wouldn’t update until SDF Configurator restarted
  • Resurrected the tree-view file browser in our API docs
  • Blasted a bug where logfile replay timestamps did not reflect the published timestamp
  • Law & Order: Xsens data transformation is now applied prior to being published on the bus
  • KO’d an issue where MobilEye timestamps were not properly reported during replay
  • Ibeo devices now accept custom port values from the SDF Configurator. Friends4ever.


  • System Hierarchy plugin no longer displays disabled nodes from the SDF Configurator
    • Because you disabled them…
  • Node Template API now returns specific DTCs for application exit status from psync_node_main_entry()
  • Dynamic driver interfaces default to vehicle platform coordinate frame, instead of the sensor local frame
    • Now you can view all sensor data in a unified coordinate frame
  • PolySync Manager can now accept commands, and return responses through two new message types
  • This makes it easier to manage the PolySync runtime
  • All C++ character sequences are returned as std::string
    • The old way would flip-flop between returning std::string or std::vector, and we’re sorry
  • Reset schema function has been moved to the menu bar of the SDF Configurator. You’ll get a warning dialog, too.
  • The logfile session browser populates faster and more dependably
    • Because you’ve got better things to do.
  • PolySync Installer package is now 400MB lighter
    • Because compression.

Known Issues

We’re aware of a memory leak within DDS that affects systems looping logfiles larger than 75GB