Release Notes

Core 2.0.2-pr.2

Note: Do not install PolySync as root. Simply follow the installation guide. The installer will request root-level password as needed.


  • Fixed an issue where System Hierarchy was causing Studio to crash
  • Lane model in Video Overlay
    • See lane models drawn over video stream, live and in replay
  • LiDAR in Video Overlay
    • See LiDAR points drawn over video stream, live and in replay
  • Parameter Get/Set capability
    • Set mount position live and see sensor data transformed in the 3D Viewer
  • SainSmart 16 channel USB controller support
  • Control power for up to 16 sensors using the SDF Configurator and toggle states with Get/Set in Studio.


  • Installer
    • Installer now manages root access so sudo is no longer required.
    • Updated LinuxCAN to 5.14.
    • Fixed permissions bug
  • Ibeo fusion ECU CAN writer yaw rate signal fix
    • Yaw rate now scales correctly.
  • Manager node not killing all nodes fix
    • Manager can now kill any nodes it spawns.


  • MobilEye 560 publishing lane model messages
    • Subscribe to lane model messages with MobilEye dynamic driver

Known Issues

We’re aware of a memory leak within DDS that affects systems looping logfiles larger than 75GB