Update SDF Parameters

Each node defined in the SDF contains a set of required parameters that define the runtime configuration. It’s possible for a node to support new parameters, so the Configurator contains a mechanism to update an existing SDF node entry with newly supported parameters.

Configurator host configuration wizard

The host configuration wizard spawns automatically when the Configurator detects a mismatch between the host network configuration and the SDF configuration, or if it detects missing SDF parameters.

To manually spawn the host wizard select System -> Host Configuration Wizard.

This brings up the host configuration wizard.

Updating parameters

Updating SDF parameters is the third and final step in the host configuration wizard. Before you update paramters the wizard helps you to select:

  • The PolySync Core Manager host IP address
  • A host defined in the SDF with a matching IP address

To update the SDF parameters, confirm the nodes entires that will be updated and select Finish.

When to update SDF parameters

SDF parameters need to be updated for specific nodes following an update to the Core drivers package polysync-core-drivers.

Dynamic driver nodes output an error message when a required parameter is missing from the SDF.

$ polysync-core-dynamic-driver -n 1 
ERROR  [delphi-esr-2.5-1688855652620715] - param : (1145) -- failed to get parameter ID 2004 from SDF node configuration - check SDF configuration or run dynamic driver with '-u' option to update the SDF