Parse the Sensor Identifier

Some of the sensors supported by PolySync Core have a unique sensor identifier that the Core driver must use to validate sensor data, or identify specific hardware when mutliple sensors are connected to the same ECU.

Not all sensors require a sensor identifier, sensors that do document the requirements in the sensor article.

Find the SDF node ID

The node should already be defined in the Configurator from following a supported sensor article.

Find the node ID, to be able to start the driver on the command line.

Start the dynamic driver

Pass the -g flag to the dynamic driver along with the node ID.

$ polysync-core-dynamic-driver -n 1 -g

The information is written to both the terminal and the polysync.log.

Expected output:

$ polysync-core-dynamic-driver -n 1 -g
INFO : <node-interface-name> : waiting for device to respond
INFO : <node-interface-name> : found device with ID: 0x1665A0 (1467808)

Update the Configurator

Update the node entry in the Configurator with the sensor identifier. The parameter name is Sensor 0 Identifier, and it’s located in the Sensor Configuration table.